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Where can I find Bitter Descent?

We're as keen as you are to see our beer pouring on cask and keg! The beer has all been distributed, although it will vary from place to place when the keg or cask will be tapped - follow us on twitter to keep up to date, Otherwise, a full list of stockists below.

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The man behind the monkey

Bitter Descent is finally out there, and as the foam settles on the first 1,000 pints served, we’d like to take some time to thank the man behind the design. Tyrone Stoddart is a graphic designer living and working in Edinburgh, and has been working tirelessly with the team over the last few months to develop the concept, and then roll it out across bottle and can labels, the website, t-shirts, posters, pump-clips and glassware, and has even expanded on it to create labels for one-off brews for festivals and the launch.


He has earned far more than his weight in beer, and the team will be ever grateful.

We like to think the design can be interpreted in a number of ways. Think Adam and Eve, reaching for the forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge, which led to the ‘fall of man’ as opposed to Descent of man, but with a hop-twist. Or ‘Descent’ interpreted as an evolutionary advantage to appreciating bitterness which gave our distant ancestors a competitive advantage (partly nonsense, but it sounds great) through the development of medicine, and utilization of herbs for food preservation… and ultimately beer (which is true of closer ancestors).

We also wanted big and bold, reflecting the beer’s American heritage. Tyrone took illustrations from Darwin’s works (recognize the monkey below?), Darwin’s sketches of phylogenetic trees that mapped human evolution, and inspiration from some of the most iconic American graphic designers of last century, to create Bitter Descent.

To find out more about his work, and to get in touch, click here


Sweet sweet tablet (ale)

Make sure you have a wee taste of our one-off brew this weekend if you’re at the Midsummer beer happening in Stonehaven

Sweet Descent is a classic American cream-ale, light and easy-drinking, but with a Scottish twist. We popped one kilo of home-made tablet into the boil - our little nod to the this year’s celebration of Scottish food and drink

Pouring golden at 5.3%, light bodied, and crisp and clean with a slight caramel sweetness from the tablet. About as refreshing as tablet gets!


Bitter Descent: the return of the extra special bitter

When Darwin wrote the Descent of Man he focused on the role of sexual-selection in the evolution of species from a single common ancestor. We’ve focused on the evolution of the American Extra Special Bitter from its humble origins, the “pint of bitter” found in every real ale pub across the UK. Bitter Descent, the fifth beer from Natural Selection Brewing, is born, and it’s coming to a pub near you in July.

bitter descent

The extra special bitter is the style that sparked the craft beer revolution in the US, back in the 70s and 80s. It’s a style our brewer Reade grew up on in Texas, and it’s a beer that, much like IPA, has travelled to the US and returns to sender stronger and more hop-forward. Ours will aim to honour the classic British-style bitter, but with all-American hops. It will be dangerously drinkable, and we can’t wait for you all to try it.

The first brew is done, and it’s bubbling away nicely in the fermentation tank. The second is coming up soon, and the beer will be launched on July 2nd in the Teviot, Edinburgh, more details to come. Save the date!