Natural Selection Brewing Presents:

Natural Selection Brewing is a collaboration between Heriot-Watt University and Stewart Brewing. Each year, four students from the Brewing and Distilling Master’s program are given the opportunity to develop, brew, market, and sell a beer of their design as their research project.

This year’s NSB team, are proud to present ‘pump up the bram!’, a farmhouse style ale, fruited with Brambles (aka blackberries) harvested from the vibrant and majestic hills of Scotland.

We hope you enjoy this funky, fruity, and crushable summer beer, whether you’re at the pub with your mates, at a lively event, at home, or caught in a bramble thicket somewhere!


Cory, Doch, Merritt and Pippa (The NSB XII team)

To purchase our beer in Keg, Cask or Can, please fill out the order form linked below, and email it to us at: