And we’re off!

After being pretty chuffed with our first couple of trials, we were delighted to be invited by Heriot-Watt’s Brewing Society to participate in their annual beer festival, held over two days at the end of March.

Keen to get our beer into the world, we jumped at the chance and were delighted to provide a keg of classic Belgian Witbier to get some feedback on our “base” recipe. We’ve got a few exciting twists up our sleeves for the final release, so it’s fair to say that this wasn’t too much of a spoiler around this year’s beer!

First thanks of the day need to go to and for hooking us up with an awesome roller banner and posters/tap badges respectively, after a last-minute bit of design work on our part!

Although we were delighted with how our own beer was pouring, it was fantastic to be in the company of so many other brilliant breweries – safe to say we had an awesome couple of days of sampling! Holy Goat’s Blood Witch, Cloudwater’s Just As It Ever Was, and Deya’s It’s All Linked were my top three, but the quality all round was superb. Hat’s off to the Brewing Society for curating such a fantastic selection, including loads that you hardly ever see in Edinburgh pubs!

Lastly, we need to say two massive “thank yous” to both the Brewing Society, for giving us such a great platform to start getting our beer into the world, and to everyone who drank our beer, completed our survey, and stopped us to give such lovely feedback. It’s genuinely meant a huge amount, and we’re so excited to get our final product to a pub (and bottle shop) near you in the near future!

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