2011 – 2013

Natural Selection 2011

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In 2011, Finch the first-ever incarnation of this project. A 6.5% hoppy red ale: nutty, chocolatey, caramel and vanilla body with a fruity and floral flourish from the Chinook and Amarillo hops which lead to a dry, go-back-for-more finish.


Natural Selection 2012













Back in 2012, Kevin, Damon, Colin, and Stephen brewed a naturally cloudy, hoppy summer wheat beer. With low bitterness and a citrusy zing, this beer was the perfect thirst quencher.


Natural Selection 2013










This year’s release was a New World saison called origin 5.5%. This crisp, dry and fruity beer has a pronounced hop characteristic from the galaxy hops. This Belgian style beer is brewed with rye using saison yeast to give a unique taste.

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