Last Year’s Beer

Natural Selection Brewing 2018


Last year, Miles, Gregor, Sean, and Cameron brought to you the Divergence pilsner (4.5%). The divergence of species has occurred over millions of years, branching off over time into a diverse array of life that makes up the world around us. With this pilsner, they made a beer of Bohemian origin, but with a divergence of the style using British grain and Polish hops resulting in a smooth bitterness, brilliant gold color, and delicate malt profile.


In addition they also made a small-batch brew called Evolution (8.8%), a wee heavy that was aged in a first-fill, ex-sherry Scotch-whiskey barrel. This allowed for the smooth vanilla, oak, and red fruit flavours to develop and round out the dark sugar and caramel notes of the wee heavy base.

Drink. Survive. Evolve.