Who are you kidding, its what you’re here for… Have a look below at some of the beers we’ve made so far this year!

Primordial Soup

primo soup

Drawing inspiration from the medley of organic compounds from which life is thought to have originated, Primordial soup represents the foundation upon which consecutive recipes will be built upon.

The first of a series of Berliner-Weisse beers we will experimenting with over the next few months, Primordial Soup was a traditional Berliner style beer. At 3.5% abv. this beer was easy drinking and refreshing. It was particularly well received in the sweaty latter hours of the Heriot-Watt Beer Festival where it was poured exclusively for two nights only. Keep an eye out in months to come for limited bottles still in circulation…


Man O’ War


Like the evolution of the earliest jellyfishes and polyps, our second beer is a humble yet profound step in terms of development and complexity.

Man O’ War is the combined effort of NSB and our good friends Tom and Antoine from Great Grog Bottle Shop. After much consultation and deliberation on fruit additions we joined forces to create a blackcurrant Berliner-weisse. The beer pours a delightful purple hue and its subtle blackcurrant addition gives balance to a slightly sourer profile than that of primordial soup.

Initially pouring at the Great Grog Bottle Fair, this beer can now be purchased at Great Grog Bottle Shop, 2 Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5BP

Get down there while stocks last!