Common Ancestor

LowRes - CA

Our main release of this year is Common Ancestor, a crisp and refreshing California Common. Brewed with Chinook and Dr. Rudi hops, the spice and pine notes of this medium bodied lager/ale hybrid are complemented with a delicate late infusion of Juniper berries.  We hope this offering will provide its bearer with fruitful and long lasting refreshment this Summer of 2017.

*Currently unavailable from the brewery


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Drink. Survive. Evolve.

Aged Ancestor

aged ancestor chopped

To complement the project’s main release we have brewed Aged Ancestor, a small batch strong Belgian dark ale which has been aged in an ex-sherry cask. Brewed to 8.93% the grain bill for this beer at its core is very similar to the main release but with a notable Belgian influence.

This ale evokes dark fruits, caramel and warming alcohol. Through maturation in an ex-sherry cask, the complex esters and subtle phenols are deepened with rich, sophisticated oak notes.

With ageing comes wisdom, strength and character.

*Currently unavailable from the brewery


Drink. Survive. Evolve.