Who are you kidding, its what you’re here for… Have a look below at some of the beers we’ve made so far this year!

Primordial Soup

primo soup

3.5% Classic Berliner Weise

Drawing inspiration from the medley of organic compounds from which life is thought to have originated, Primordial soup represents the foundation upon which consecutive recipes will be built upon.

The first of a series of Berliner-Weisse beers we will experimenting with over the next few months, Primordial Soup was a traditional Berliner style beer. This beer was easy drinking and refreshing. It was particularly well received in the sweaty latter hours of the Heriot-Watt Beer Festival where it was poured exclusively for two nights only.

Limited bottles still in circulation during our summer events!


Man O’ War


3.5% Blackcurrant Berliner Weisse

Like the evolution of the earliest jellyfishes and polyps, our second beer is a humble yet profound step in terms of development and complexity.

Man O’ War is the combined effort of NSB and our good friends Tom and Antoine from Great Grog Bottle Shop. After much consultation and deliberation on fruit additions we joined forces to create a blackcurrant Berliner Weisse. The beer pours a delightful purple hue and its subtle blackcurrant addition gives balance to a slightly sourer profile than that of primordial soup.

Initially pouring at the Great Grog Bottle Fair, this beer can now be purchased at Great Grog Bottle Shop, 2 Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5BP

Get down there while stocks last! Also available during the Launch Night or Meet-the-Brewer events!



2.5% Sour Mash Blackcurrant Berliner Weisse

This hazy sour mash Berliner Weisse is the result of a feeding frenzy of a host of barley-native microflora, giving this beer a complex biting sourness. Black currant has been added during fermentation with a saison yeast strain to create a monster flavour! Despite its ferocity, be assured that this powerful predator has a gentle side, weighing in at 2.5% ABV.

Megalodon was a particularly experimental brew: using sour mashing we were able to achieve a more complex sourness than our other trials. This one off brew will be exclusively available at Stewart Brewing’s Mayfest (10th-11th May), and during Launch Night.

Butterfly Effect


4.2% Peach Berliner Weisse

A heavy dose of peach adds rich stone fruit flavour and aroma to this wheaty sour, taming the cocooned tartness to very accessible levels – get some butterflies in your stomach!

Only available and Launch Night and Meet-the-Brewer events.

Robertus Loves Patricia


3.5% Apricot Berliner Weisse

Like two poisonous frogs in love, the mellow apricot and punchy tartness of this Berliner Weisse are a match made in heaven! The soft malty base is married with a fruity wheat beer yeast to create this juicy love affair. Gives a whole new meaning to a toxic relationship!This beer is also exclusively available at Stewart Brewing’s Mayfest (10th-11th May).

Limited quantities available at Launch Night and Meet-the-Brewer events. Hop on down and fill your boots before it’s gone!

Free Hugs


3.3% Sour Mash Apricot Berliner Weisse

Souring this beer using the resident microbes living upon the malt from which it was brewed allowed for a complex citrusy sourness to develop, which is perfectly balanced with the soft roundedness of the apricot.

Exclusively available at Drygate Brewing Co. along with the Altruist for our Glasgow launch! Also available in limited quantities at our Launch Night and Meet-the-Brewer events.

Cold Feet

Cold Feet

3.9% Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Basil Berliner Weisse

Cold Feet is a lightly sour, fresh and delicate beer with a hint of basil coupled with a blend of delicious local berries. Would pair nicely with a nice icecream and trip to the seaside!

Only available and Launch Night and Meet-the-Brewer events.

Arsing Around

Arsing Around

3.9% Apricot and Coriander Berliner Weisse

Soft stone fruit notes round off the tart sourness of this cheeky berliner weisse, creating a perfectly sessionable summer beer. The coriander spices compliment the beer style adding an extra spiciness and citrus quality.

Exclusively available at St. Andrew’s Brewing Co. along with the Altruist for our St. Andrews launch!

 Brett Sh*t Crazy

Brett Sh*t Crazy

4.7% Bretted Berliner Weisse

With the help of Johnny Horn from the Hanging Bat and Vault City, we brewed a funky Berliner Weisse using Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and a historic strain of yeast isolated from an old German Berliner Weisse bottle. Don’t let this mixed fermentation beast spook you; the sourness and Brett-y barnyard floral flavors come together to create a delicious beer.

Get out of your cave and come hang out with us at the Bat on July 10th when this beer will be released alongside the Altruist!

The Altruist


NSB 9 proudly presents: ‘The Altruist’…

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Today, Charles Darwin’s words take on a new meaning. The threat that human activity imposes on the planet begs the question: how can we change and adapt to create a future where both nature and humans can thrive? We believe that sustainable production and consumption, even in the beer industry, are vital to ensure the health of our planet.

This beer has been brewed for The Altruist in you. We’ve minimised our environmental impact by sourcing local ingredients, using 100% recyclable or compostable packaging (including our cornstarch label) and offsetting our carbon emissions by planting native Scottish trees

‘The Altruist’ is a sour wheat beer which pours a hazy magenta hue and has a
delightful forest fruit aroma. Balanced by a puckering sourness and the
tartness of the berries, a subtle malt base and light wheat body combine to
form a refreshing, flavorful beer – perfect for the Scottish summer.

Come along to our launch and keep an eye on our stockists page to see where ‘The Altruist’ will be available from 27th June onwards!

all trial brews

As we created our different beers throughout this project, we wanted to mimic evolution up to today, from primordial soup to mammals. Our final beer is one that calls for the next major evolution event in humans – a moral evolution. Our species needs to recognize how our current behaviours and ways of living are impacting our planet and everything on it. We believe one way to change for the better is through altruism –  selfless behaviours that benefit others. In nature, altruism allows for the formation of a more stable community and one that is resilient to danger and disaster. As we’ve seen in this project, tackling sustainability issues will always require cooperation and altruism in order to find those resilient solutions. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.




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