New Brew from Stew and Crew!

A new day dawns, and a 5am sun rises over the bramble covered hills of Scotland. But something’s different today, nay something’s better… A beer like no other has been born this day. This new liquid flows like a stream through the cracks and crevices of the highland hills, and into the eagerly waiting glasses…… Continue reading New Brew from Stew and Crew!

thx bbz x

Well, that was fun! After what felt like years of work, we were so excited to welcome a fantastic crowd of friends, family, and fellow beer fanatics to Leith Arches last Thursday to officially celebrate the launch of Buck Wild! Whilst we’ll very shortly announce the full list of bars & bottle shops where you…… Continue reading thx bbz x

Meet the Team – Amartya Yeachuri

Thirdly, it’s time to meet Project Manager Amartya, one of the team’s more experienced brewers and – crucially – the man making sure that everything runs like clockwork! Master minute taker, meeting chair extraordinaire, excels on Excel… however you want to put it, Amartya’s kept everything flowing since the start of the project, both via…… Continue reading Meet the Team – Amartya Yeachuri

Meet the Team – Oli Sellings

Next up in our Meet the Team series is the finest example of nominative determinism since journalist Phil McCann covered the petrol shortage, our silver-tongued Sales Manager Oli Sellings! Not only will our Kentish cheeky chappy be on hand to provide your bar, pub, bottle shop, and/or restaurant with some quality beer this summer, but…… Continue reading Meet the Team – Oli Sellings